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The Parish of Durrington, which incorporates Larkhill is in the Amesbury Community Area in Wiltshire.

There is a population of just over 8,400, comprising approximately 2900 households, this includes just over 550 services families’ accommodation at the military Garrison in Larkhill.

Durrington lies on the edge of the World Heritage Site of Stonehenge, and covers an area of over 2700 acres. The parish is known for its Neolithic features, Durrington Walls and Woodhenge, both dating back to 2,400BC.

Sitting on the Avon Valley, with the River Avon running through its boundary, Durrington nestles a mile away from the A303, with the A345 connecting it to Amesbury. The nearest mainline railway station for London and the South West is 5 miles away, with London just a 1 hour 20 minute journey by train. There is also a frequent local bus service to Salisbury and Swindon.

The Parish has an assortment of facilities, including three mini supermarkets, a number of takeaways, hairdressers/barbers and doctors’ surgeries,  a local garage, library, two public houses and four churches. There are an infant school a primary school and a secondary school and a number of nurseries and pre-schools, as well as a swimming pool, sports centre and tennis courts. There are a number of play parks, a skate park and Multi-use Games Areas, as well as a village hall, recreation ground and pavilion, where frequent activities take place to support the community throughout the year.

Latest News and Events

10th October Durrington Recreation Ground

Published: 14 Sep 23

Free Fun event for young people Thursday 10th October 5-8pm.

River Park Update

Published: 27 Jun 23

Durrington River Park Update The sharp bend at the river park has had a considerable amount of work and money spent on it to make it safer and slow down the erosion. There is a small stoney section of the bank now covered in topsoil and planting. The council have put a new fence around the area to protect it from being trampled and damaged before it has time to stabilise and take hold. The total cost of the project has come to around £14,000. If the bank is damaged and the fence is broken it costs time and money to put right which could be spent on other facilities in your Village. The fence is there to protect the bank, there are signs asking that people stay off the bank. It seems that some people are ignoring the signs and have already trampled on the plants and pulled them out and thrown them into the river. This is a shame as the whole project is aimed at keeping the river park safe for the enjoyment of all. The Council hopes last piece of the fencing will be finished next week at which point the orange safety fence will be removed. Please let your families know to avoid the bank behind the fence. It is hoped next year the area will be settled and growing well which will mean the Council can reinstate the children’s (under 16) fishing area by putting a stile in the fence for fishing access in 2024. Until then the under 16’s may fish responsibly anywhere else along the bank. Please ensure all fishing equipment is taken home, this includes hooks and wire as they are a danger to animals. A new fishing policy is being discussed and will be published when it is agreed. In the meantime, usual fishing rules apply and everyone over 16 needs a rod licence and all those fishing, save the under 12’s (who must be supervised), need a ticket which can be purchased from Nisa on Bulford Road. The river park is a lovely place full of wildlife and plants and the Council wants to keep it this way, please help us look after your park. Please avoid the bank which is now fenced and stay away from the new planting. If you have to go in the river keep away from the fenced bank and remember there are sharp objects on the riverbed, be aware of cold shock from the water, strong currents, and the possibility of contracting diseases from river water or rats’ urine. As always children should be supervised. The river is not the healthiest place to swim! Help us look after your River Park.

Redcliffe Homes exhibition

Published: 16 Jun 23

Redcliffe Homes are looking to show you their proposals for 80 new homes at the land on the South of Hackthorne Road. The meeting will be from 5.30pm in the Village Hall on the 29th June.

Bakehouse Mental Health Well-Being Support Group

Published: 28 Apr 22

Please see the link above for details of Bakehouse Mental Health Well-Being Support group.