Durrington Town Council welcomed its residents to an evening in the Village Hall. Dr Nick Snashall from the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site had been invited to provide an illustrated talk on Durrington Walls following recent media coverage. Her talk included plans for some archaeological work at the Walls, which would hopefully be conducted in summer 2016. The Hall was then open for councillors to meet and greet residents and tuck into some cheese and wine. 10 information stands were on display, providing up to date information from Stonehenge Visitors Centre, Walking for Wiltshire, Durrington Link Scheme, Emergency Responders, as well as our local Neighbourhood Policing Team, Crime Prevention, Speedwatch, Youth Services, Parish Plan and our own Town Council services, our Wiltshire Councillor was also on hand to talk about Army rebasing.

The past 12 months has seen the following:


  • The installation of acoustic panel soundproofing to the ceiling in the Pavilion.

  • DTC has bid farewell to 4 councillors throughout the year and also welcomed 4 new ones.

  • A service of remembrance was held to commemorate Anzac Day in April 2015, which saw representatives from Australia attend the service.

  • The completion of the Mulit Use Games Area on the Recreation Ground, funded through statutory monies granted from developments in the Parish.

  • The installation of a new boiler in the Village Hall, partly funded by an Amesbury Area Board Grant.

  • A one year lease of the Ham Centre for Youth Provisions has been signed with Wiltshire Council, this has enabled the Bridging Project to move to its previous home and the setting up of a Youth Club two nights per week. Funding for both has been achieved through Youth Grants from the Amesbury Area Board.

  • A two year extension to the lease of the Millennium Park has been signed with the landowners.

  • We began the initial design and build of a new website.

  • A successful Community Day was held in September where residents, councillors and Wiltshire Council staff all helped to weed an area of the village.

  • DTC began an update to the Parish Plan that was last completed in 2006. This has included public consultations through Wishing Trees and a questionnaire that was sent to all residents.

  • It was a successful summer for Durrington in Bloom, which has seen residents and businesses support the village through flower tub sponsorship, open gardens, hanging basket displays and the Flower and Produce Show.

  • Once again the Village Show and Vehicle Gathering Event proved to be hugely successful, with crowds flocking into the Recreation Ground over the July weekend. The presentation evening followed in November, where local organisations were awarded the proceeds of the Village Show.

  • The former clerk Mrs Mary Towle retired following over 20 years’ service to Durrington Town Council, a new clerk (Mrs Sarah Tucker) was recruited.

  • DTC provided support to All Saints Parish Church on Bonfire Night, which saw a good turnout from the village despite horrendous weather.

  • DTC held its annual skittles match against Durrington Link Scheme in February 2016, once again the Link came out on top, only by a small margin though, the evening also raised some funds for BLESMA.

Wiltshire Councillor Report

  • This year has been overtaken by work on Army Rebasing. After an enormous amount of work, I am pleased that the outcomes provide many wins for our community.

    I have been heavily involved in community activities with Durrington Town Council:

    · Work on celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday is ongoing in earnest

    · Durrington In Bloom and Open Gardens are moving forward with pace

    · Durrington Vehicle show is all set to be another ‘Cracker of a Weekend’

    · New Road Signs to be provided

    · Grants for community activities

    · Disco Events for younger people

    · Amesbury and Durrington Neighbourhood Plan

Other wins of note:

  • New Cemetery Path with No Full Road Closure of the A345 (coming this Summer)   

  • Garages at Charles Road. They are to be refurbished with 4 New Bungalows to be built on this site.   

  • Renewal of Yellow lines outside the Co-op   

  • Campaign for better parking at Local Schools.   

  • Campaign for yellow Hatchings on the Countess Roundabout   

  • Bus Transport Review Keeping a close eye on what Wiltshire Council are doing!    

  • Working proactively with your Wiltshire Council Area Board     

  • It has not all been plain sailing because Wiltshire Council have made savage cuts to our services that have emulated our present Governments passion for austerity. This means that Road and Pavement repairs are hard to resolve, as are day to day issues, which make my responsibility to you all the harder than it has been the past. My conclusion is “I will just have to start shouting louder and working harder”       

  • I have resolved over 180 local residents’ issues and have just 2 currently outstanding.   

  • As always, I am happy to hear from you on any issues or concerns. Cllr Graham Wright