During 2020 there was some disruption to a ROW whilst the new Army housing was being built, however that ROW has now been reinstated. There was an issue with footpath ROW 14, Durrington to Milston/Brigmerston. Undulation caused by tree roots. On inspection ROW 14 is in quite good condition in relation to Milston ROW 16 [which is the continuation of Durrington ROW 14]. Having brought this to the attention of the Wiltshire Council representative he has added it to his list but due to the present climate it will not be rectified immediately. There is a second issue with this particular ROW which was brought to the council’s attention from a resident and involves cyclists [not children] but the enthusiastic, hardened cyclists who ride in convoy at speed. Durrington 14 ROW is a footpath and therefore cycling is prohibited. Signs will be erected at the start of both bridges and the entrance from the Ham stating that cycling is prohibited.

ROW 6 Martins Bushes: Wiltshire ROW representative was informed that walkers, horse riders and cyclists were being verbally abused by off roaders and trial bikers because there is nowhere to go should you come face to face. To try and alleviate the problem Wiltshire council will arrange for the verges to be cut so that people can safely stand to one side and notices placed at both ends informing off roaders and trial bikers of their responsibility on shared by-ways.

ROW 27 Larkhill Road to the river: The council have asked for ROW Bulford 1 to be added to the definitive map and have submitted the required paper work and proof that this actually existed. Our chances of succeeding in our quest requires proof that the ROW on Bulford side existed then we have a good case. The more proof we have the better. When the application was submitted a letter dated 1986 from Cllr Robinson, a copy of the map highlighting the ROW on the other side of the river plus a photo were attached. If any parishioner knows of anyone who remembers the bridge or even walked this route then please they write it down and let the council have a copy, as the more evidence that can obtained the more chances that we will succeed. Apparently it does not matter how many years ago. It will be slow progress but we have to start somewhere.

This is the start to try and get the ROW Bulford 1 re-opened and a bridge across the river from ROW Durrington 27, as was originally in place. The landowner over which Durrington 27 crosses has agreed to repair the fence on both sides of the path and help clear the path. The stile at the beginning will be removed and replaced with a kissing gate, both dilapidated stiles that are approximately half way down will be completely removed. A notice informing people that it leads to a dead end will be placed at the start of the ROW. The Wiltshire representative will now, in future, be speaking directly to the landowner to get this ROW sorted out. If the council manage to get the Bulford ROW 1 re-instated, Wiltshire Council will put a bridge in to cross the river.


As Wiltshire Council have not yet adopted Avon Fields Estate from Persimmons the Town Council are restricted in what they can do. There are certain areas which are under Town Council jurisdiction as the land belongs to the Council. The children’s playpark is inspected by a councillor on a fortnightly basis and is checked yearly by relevant authorities.

Report from Cllr Shaun Rennie

Cemetery - work has been completed by CWGC on their grounds and it is looking neat and tidy. Our Cemetery groundsman Alan, is continuing to do an excellent job in keeping the grounds clean and tidy, so much so that the mower has been worn out and we are in the process of purchasing a new one. The laurel trees to the north have over taken some of the plots and will be trimmed back. A new plot area has been set aside for ashes internments, up to 100 additional plots in front of the remembrance wall. If you wish to erect a plaque in memory of a loved one they can be purchased through DTC clerk as well as reserving a plot for a burial.

River Park - there has been concern for a while on the river bank erosion and work is in hand with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust in reviewing how to keep erosion at bay which would be carried out at cost using volunteers and in an friendly environmental way.

Youth Services - unfortunately due to Covid restrictions little can be done at the moment in opening up the Pavilion for meetings but will do so as soon as we are able, if you wish to register a young person who would like to attend any one of the sessions once they open up, please get in touch with DTC clerk who can pass on your details to the Youth Manager. Safe protocols are being followed to continue with the Street based youth work and a funding bid has been submitted to Amesbury Area Board for funding for the next financial year, this will be matched by DTC.

Pavilion - Again for the third time in the past year the guttering downpipes have been vandalised and are having to be replaced at a cost to the Council of around £100 each time (including labour) so please report any incident of damage that you see to the police and DTC clerk. Again once we come out of Covid restrictions the Pavilion will be available to hire for events.

Allotments - Millennium Park allotments are very key to me as I have one of them so if you are a plot holder please follow the details in your agreement. The shed roof is having a new lining fitted as it has over the past few months of wet weather been flooded. We also respectfully ask plot holders to park in the allocated parking spaces provided and the local residents surrounding the allotments to keep these bays free.

Larkhill Community Partnership - no meetings due to Covid restrictions.

Human Resources and Finance - the committee meet regularly to ensure that we keep to the budgets set out, this is not always practical due to unforeseen circumstances but regular checks mean that the money is spent where it is needed. We have a very good team of staff that work for DTC and carry out their jobs with pride, we thank all of them for the hard work and dedication.


My forth year as a Durrington Councillor is drawing to its end and this year has brought many challenges but also opportunities for working in different formats.


Apart from sitting on the usual committees such as full council, planning and occasionally crime prevention, my main role is to represent Durrington Council and you all as voice and ears at “everything to do with the World Heritage Site”.

This normally means attending meetings of the A303 Amesbury to Berwick St James Community Forum 4 - 6 times a year; the Stonehenge Solstice operational planning and debrief meetings in Salisbury; the World Heritage Committee Meetings in Devizes or Amesbury; various other meetings and workshops as well as liaising with English Heritage about new projects.

The last 12 months everything was of course different to the first three years. After partaking in three very interesting and constructive workshops to explore sustainable transport, landscape access and tourism visioning, all face to face meetings came to a halt early March 2020, solstice and equinox access to Stonehenge were no longer allowed and we were waiting for the government decision on the A303 tunnel, which kept on being pushed back due to Covid.

I must say, I quite like Zoom meetings, but this format does not work well for workshops.

Regarding the tunnel - as I write this, we are still waiting for a decision. A judicial review has been granted, to be held at a later date, trying to determine whether the Transport Secretary’s decision to allow the Tunnel to be built is legal. The discovery of more significant archaeology may well have a further impact on the tunnel project.

As for solstices and equinoxes: these are now streamed on social media and have a worldwide following of millions. Stonehenge is going to open again on 12th April (for pre-booked visitors only) and depending on government guidelines there might be a return of “normal” mid-summer celebrations and access again, although most likely in a smaller than previous frame.

English Heritage has used the current lockdown to start building a new education centre by the coach park and to modernise the café/restaurant at the Stonehenge Visitors Centre.

It may also be of interest to you that Amesbury Library no longer issues the free Local Resident Stonehenge passes. These can now be applied for on the English Heritage Website or through the DTC office.

I am looking forward to representing you beyond 6th May 2021.

Councillor Kathi Sharp


Due to the Covid Pandemic Speedwatch duties have been suspended on three occasions as the country went in to Lockdown. During the occasions that volunteers have been able to carry out Speedwatch duties they have done so on Larkhill, Netheravon and Stonehenge Roads.

On the plus side we have a new volunteer who carried out his training remotely and is now qualified to carry out Speedwatch duties.

The team carry out duties in a team with a minimum of two per shift allowed for safety reasons.

If any residents are willing to assist with Speedwatch new volunteers are always welcome. The more volunteers we have the more duties can be carried out. As a volunteer you would be asked to undergo training arranged by the Police Speedwatch Coordinator. Volunteers would normally do one duty a week which takes roughly an hour, so if you do have time to spare and want to make Durrington a safer Village by preventing speeding please contact Cllr the Town Council Clerk in the office or email

Wiltshire Councillor Report for DTC Annual Parish Report 2020/2021

It has been a busy and difficult year especially with Covid 19 issues.

I have bulleted with short descriptions of all the main actions and issues that I have been involved in. For more detailed information please see my monthly reports

· Safety at St Michaels School - Provision of new Yellow Zig Zags

· Roads Resurfaced - Meads, Bulford Hill, Poores Roads and junction College Road and Church Street.

· Street Lights – 95% of all Durrington street lights upgraded to LED

· Fly Tipping - increased during closure of recycling centres but after reported issues cleared there was a general decrease and no further major issues.

· Speeding and pedestrian safety - 20MPH Zones requested (survey ongoing) and installation of new Speed Indicators and Slow down signs.

· Planning - called in 2 Pickneys Way for Overdevelopment and the application was refused.

· School Children’s Safety - Installed 20mph flashing lights in Bulford Rd

· Connecting Durrington - Cycleway/Pedestrian footpath started from Durrington to Larkhill complete with safer crossing point on A345

· Local Plan Review from WC- awaiting DTC response?

· Increase in Dog Fouling –ongoing issue

· A303 - Tunnel to progress and WC agreed to make sure rat running and general disruption is kept to minimum.

· Traffic Jams - Due to 2 or more Roadworks at same time – Process now in place to monitor such issues

· Larkhill Community Partnership – No formal meetings but close liaison with Garrison over any issues.

· COVID 19 – I am the facilitator for Durrington Support Group

· Grants - several approved by WC for DTC re- New Boiler at Pavilion, Speed Indication Devices, Youth Services and improvements to Tennis Courts, plus grants to various community organisations.

Cllr Graham Wright

Wiltshire Council for Durrington and Larkhill






The Chairman welcomed over 100 residents and 13 exhibitors at the Annual Parish Meeting. The first point of business was for the Chairman to formally accept a presentation by the Durrington Women’s Institute ‘100 years on - A wall hanging’. This marks 100 years of the end of the First World War, members of the WI had produced a wall hanging using wool from Romney fleece, Shetland and Gotland sheep. The hanging depicts well known areas in the village, guns, planes and horses for the Armed Forces as well as Regimental Badges of the fallen, who are named on the war memorial at the cross stones. There are also nine poppies for the men who lost their lives and who have a connection to Durrington but do not appear on the war memorial. Glynis Falcon of the WI had also written a poem whilst producing the wall hanging, which she read out. The hanging, details of how it was made and what it represents, along with the poem will be displayed on the Village Hall wall for all to enjoy.

Dr Celia Grummitt from Cross Plain Health Centre Durrington was then asked to provide an update on the closure of the surgery in Durrington and its move to a new, purpose built facility in Larkhill. The new facility will be shared with the MOD and Shrewton surgery, who will move before the end of 2019, all be it into temporary port cabins initially. The facility is being built as part of the Army Basing Programme and it is hoped in offering a new facility that new doctors will join the surgery as there is a shortage. It is hoped that the new facility will be able to offer more than just a routine doctor’s surgery, with various clinics potentially being considered. At present there is no facility for a pharmacy for local residents to use. However, Dr Grummitt is looking into a service similar to that in Shrewton whereby prescriptions can be delivered to residents. Patients do not have to transfer to Larkhill if they prefer to remain in Durrington, they have the option to switch surgeries and register with Avon Valley should they wish.

Residents were also invited to view and ask questions at the local exhibition stands; Durrington and District Link Scheme, Durrington Community Choir, Community Policing Team, Get Wiltshire Walking, Active Health, Community Speedwatch, Durrington Town Council, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Lovell, Cross Plain Health Centre, Living Memories Project, Avon Valley College Development and Stonehenge Visitors’ Centre. Residents’ were able to update passes for Stonehenge, through the Visitors’ Centre who also kindly brought along extra-large rock cakes that had been especially made for the evening for everyone to enjoy. Further refreshments were provided by Cllrs Sue Paines, Marion Wardell and former Cllrs; Primrose Taylor and Wendy Parsons.



Chairman's Report 2018

As this year on the Town Council draws to a close again, I look back on what I consider to have been our year of dealing with the changes and happenings within our community.

As councillors, I hope you will share my thoughts, and look back as a Town Council to the many the changes at Larkhill, and other MOD bases locally where preparations are well under way for the return of troops to our area in 2020.

For us, we have gained a new school. We have seen Larkhill Camp almost completely redesigned, fit for its purpose and fit for the modern soldier. We mustn’t forget the important role that families play in MOD life, and they too deserve decent, modern and affordable housing. In the name of progress, this has not come without some issues. For those who use our road system, we have been subject to disruption as our roads have been improved and made safer for the community. All this now seems to be on the homeward straight, and Army Rebasing 2020 is giving us a look and feel of what the future holds. As a village, we will see yet more changes when the new joint NHS and MOD medical facilities open. Something which will be most welcome for medics to operate out of a state-of-the-art facility fit for the purpose. The future looks very interesting, our work as councillors will no doubt continue as we await what is next for the community. So, this sums up my year. I would like thank the council, each and every one of you for the good work you do, in whichever capacity you carry out your duties. Durrington can be proud of its Town Council, and its community.

Wiltshire Councillor's Report 2018

This year, Road Works have been a challenge and without doubt, the impact has been felt by our community. Steps have been taken to LIASE more with Service Suppliers and WC to reduce the clash of roadworks.

Street Light repairs have been time consuming and good progress has been made with those that have been out for months. WC policy to replace all lights with LED style is ongoing.

Our Village Roads continue to show signs of breaking up. WC have been repairing all to an agreed safe standard. This standard will not in all cases meet the expectations of residents but, it meets the WC adopted standard. I have secured the resurfacing of Meads Road on the 2019/20 schedule and am in the process of logging all the worn white markings and other roads that require works now or in the shorter term.

The adoption of Avon Fields (6 years on) has still not been completed; this is a major disappointment and must happen this year. I have escalated this to Persimmon yet again, who still have the overall responsibility for the works with a serious complaint lodged with WC

Working with Durrington Town Council continues to be very fruitful and delivers joint wins for our community. My thanks go to the Town Clerk, Chairman and all Councillors for their help this year and I look forward to future joint achievements.

Our Community continues to be a main focus for me and working with residents, for example, Addison Square, has brought major improvements to overall living standards. The completion of WC built bungalows in Charles Road and the potential to finally use the piece of land that sits on the corner of New Road and School Drive shows that perseverance pays dividends.

The Avon Valley College extension came to an abrupt stop this year because of a serious issue with the agreed contractor. A new contractor has now been agreed and all original concerns shown by the Town Council and locally affected residents will be embedded into the new contractors brief and working practices.

Larkhill issues have been a major part of this years work. The new St Michaels School was completed and opened in September 2018. Army rebasing continues to raise issues that need addressing across a wide range of agencies.

Parking continues to be a recurring theme which simply has no easy solution. If all car owners where to take full responsibility for vehicles and park sensibly then the majority of concerns would reduce.

Focus for 2019/20: I will continue to support our community and encourage anyone who has a new idea or just needs advice to call me on 01980 655268