Chairman, Cllr John Todd opened the 2018 Annual Parish Meeting on the 27th of March and welcomed members of the public, those presenting during the evening and those exhibiting. The Chairman thanked all for their attendance and support for the evening and used the opportunity to inform residents about what the Town Council had done over the past 12 months. The first presentation of the evening was by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. The Trust has been conducting habitation improvement works along the River Avon over the past year and was able to update residents on what it had achieved, wildlife it had noted and what it would be doing in the future. Following this presentation, residents were able to top up refreshments and have a browse around the exhibitors’ stands, prior to receiving a second presentation from Highways England. Highways England had contacted the Town Council to request a presentation to the council and residents whilst the A303 Consultation Scheme was under way. A twenty-minute presentation, outlining the scheme in this area was explained, in line with the current booklets that are available to respond to. A number of questions were answered; this enabled the Town Council to formulate its response to the Scheme.


May 2017 saw the local elections and 4 new Councillors were welcomed to the team, the local Wiltshire Councillors was also re-elected for the Parish.

July was all about the Village Show and Vintage Vehicle Event, which has gone from strength to strength. This year over £3000 was awarded to local good causes at the annual Presentation Evening held in October.

The upgrade of the Play Park on Recreation Road began in July 2017 with £30,000 being spent on replacing the embankment slide and the installation of a large multi-use piece of equipment. This was Phase 1 of what is a four year plan for new equipment. The Sunday Funday team presented the Town Council with £1500 for the play park; this was from the proceeds of their family event held on the August Bank Holiday.

In August a public consultation was held in the Village Hall where a Task Group set up by the Town Council informed residents about Wiltshire Council’s Draft Housing Site Allocations Plan. The Task Group had researched the perceived impact of an additional 60 homes over two development sites that are being proposed by Wiltshire Council. The Group’s findings were presented, comments from residents were considered and the Town Council formally submitted its response to the Plan.

Throughout August the Pavilion on the Recreation Ground was closed so that it could be re-rendered and painted both inside and out, this cost approximately £8,500.

In late summer we were sad to see the closure of the Post Point, where volunteers had worked for the past 7 years. The Post Point closed when McColls began to offer a post office counter service at their new premises on Bulford Road. The Amesbury Area Board Awards for Volunteers recognised Post Point volunteers in January, when they received a Highly Commended certificate in the group volunteer category.

The Town Council has continued to support Youth Services in the Parish. The lease on the Ham Centre finished in September 2017, the Youth Manager however managed to secure the use of Bulford Village Hall on a weekly basis for the continuation of these services.

In October the Crime Prevention Team held a public meeting, supported by the Police to discuss anti-social behaviour at key places within the village. Stakeholders such as local shop owners attended along with frustrated residents to try and improve the situation. The former Designated Public Place Order has now been replaced with a Public Space Protection Order, specifically covering restrictions on drinking alcohol in the Parish.

October saw the most successful yet Bonfire Event held on the Millennium Park, the Town Council had worked with All Saints Church and Larkhill Garrison to put on a safe and enjoyable event for everyone. The Town Council received £1000 from the profits of the night which will be used for more play park renovations in 2018. The Town Council signed another two year lease for the Millennium Park, which means the next Bonfire Night Event planned for Sunday the 4th of November can go ahead.

Following the issue of the Parish Plan 2016-2026 and residents’ concerns, the Town Council along with the local Wiltshire Councillor embarked on identifying streets that required yellow lines to protect public safety. As a result, in October these streets had double yellow lines installed by Wiltshire Council.

Wiltshire Councillor Report

  • This year has been overtaken by work on Army Rebasing. After an enormous amount of work, I am pleased that the outcomes provide many wins for our community.

    I have been heavily involved in community activities with Durrington Town Council:

    · Work on celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday is ongoing in earnest

    · Durrington In Bloom and Open Gardens are moving forward with pace

    · Durrington Vehicle show is all set to be another ‘Cracker of a Weekend’

    · New Road Signs to be provided

    · Grants for community activities

    · Disco Events for younger people

    · Amesbury and Durrington Neighbourhood Plan

Other wins of note:

  • New Cemetery Path with No Full Road Closure of the A345 (coming this Summer)   

  • Garages at Charles Road. They are to be refurbished with 4 New Bungalows to be built on this site.   

  • Renewal of Yellow lines outside the Co-op   

  • Campaign for better parking at Local Schools.   

  • Campaign for yellow Hatchings on the Countess Roundabout   

  • Bus Transport Review Keeping a close eye on what Wiltshire Council are doing!    

  • Working proactively with your Wiltshire Council Area Board     

  • It has not all been plain sailing because Wiltshire Council have made savage cuts to our services that have emulated our present Governments passion for austerity. This means that Road and Pavement repairs are hard to resolve, as are day to day issues, which make my responsibility to you all the harder than it has been the past. My conclusion is “I will just have to start shouting louder and working harder”       

  • I have resolved over 180 local residents’ issues and have just 2 currently outstanding.   

  • As always, I am happy to hear from you on any issues or concerns. Cllr Graham Wright   

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